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It is the rank tracker for agencies and SEO professionals


Definition of value

The cloud-based platform means that no matter whether you’re keeping it local or going global, it’s possible to get great insights on keyword performance for both desktop and mobile on Google and Bing.
AccuRanker puts you in control and enables agility in a competitive online marketplace.

Old design

Date: 08/2017 - 10/2018

Company: Accuranker

Role: Senior Product Designer


Project summary

Group 9.png


First of all, we needed to collect and structure the date in order to understand where we go from here and what to do.


It was decided to collect information from the following sources:

  1. Interviews with stakeholders;

  2. Collect feedback from the user support team;

  3. Definition and analysis of similar products.


Research has helped us understand the problems that the user faces when working with the current version of the product:

  1. The lack of a common design style;

  2. Little information regarding the tools available in the product;

  3. Poor conversion of landing pages due to outdated design.



The next step we made a few brainstorms, where we identified possible solutions:

  1. Development of new system design;

  2. Mobile version development;

  3. Create landing pages for each individual company tool.

After coordinating the prototypes, we started to create the design and release tools.

After the release, we used the following tools to determine the vector of development and the elimination of current problems:

  1. A/B testing;

  2. Adding pain points to the user's map for further work with these problems;

  3. Funnel analysis;

  4. Tree tests;

  5. Creating a design system.



After negotiating the wireframes, we went directly to prototyping.

The prototypes were tested on the target group of users, as well as on the stakeholders.

The next step is to analyze the test results and make corrections.


Desktop design


Other pages

The company got the next awards:

Gazelle 2018

‘Børsen Gazelle’ award honoring high-growth Danish companies


IPMA 2018

Highly Commended Best SaaS Platform


UK Search Awards 2018

Shortlisted as Best Search Software Tool


Cloud Awards 2018-19

Shortlisted as Best Cloud Business Intelligence or Analytics Solution

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