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Meet Oleksii

Hey there!

I'm a designer with more than 8 years of experience in this field and 

4 of them, I have been working as a product designer in open data products. Ever since I started to work with open data, I was excited about how open data products not only can affect your life and helps make the right decision but to make a world a better place.

I genuinely believe open data today works just on 10 percent of the hole power, and I want to work with people that think similar, and as I am trying to make today's world smarter, safer and opener.


I start to work with open data with a YouControl company. The company collects open data from the Ukraine government and gather it in on one profile. Ukraine has many problems, and the core of them is corruption. YouControl helps everyone find the connection between companies and government, the connections between financial partners, etc. Also, the company gives free access to the platform to civil society activists and journalists, and it already helped make thousands of investigations.


After this, I decided to try building new useful products directly for a government. So I find BRDO company. BRDO works as an independent grant company that helps the government to create new products.

Working in this company, we made a lot of useful and helpful tools that help ministries and regular citizenships. I tend to believe it will help civil servants always to make Ukrainian politics decisions more transparent and useful to helps our country. 

Now I want to find the team, and a company where I can helps not only Ukrainians but the whole world.

We have many people how passionate about launch new rockets to other planets and build satellites, and it's excellent, but there are just a few who try to works with today's problems. Moreover, I genuinely believe open, and big data products are one of the keys to solving of the majority of our today problems.

I have always been interested not only in design, but also in related disciplines, which help to look at the picture wider and, as a result, bring more benefits.

Questions?  Want to chat?  Feel free to drop me a line!

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