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Consolidate open data in one file and analyze your business partners in a readable form


Definition of value

The product helps to consolidate open data in one file in a readable form.

At the moment, the product not only consolidates open data but also gives access to its own analytical tools that help businesses work in the Ukrainian market without fear of unscrupulous business partners.

Date: 08/2015 - 11/2017

Company: YouControl

Role: Senior Product Designer


Project summary



First of all, we needed to collect and structure the date in order to understand where we go from here and what to do.


It was decided to collect information from:

  1. Interviews with stakeholders;

  2. Interviews with current users;

  3. Conduct a survey of all users and the selection of interested groups;

  4. Definition and analysis of competitors.


Research helps us to determine that the main groups interested in our product are big business: factories, banks, and so on. They most often faced with unscrupulous suppliers (factories, factories) and with defaults of credit funds firms during (bank, credit structures).

Another group of users was small and medium businesses. Unlike large enterprises, they could not afford to maintain a security service and almost none of them used open data to check their supplier or customer, in the event of which they lost large sums of money.



After collecting the information, we analyzed it.


This allowed to create on the basis of this personas and prepare a Customer Journey Map for each of them.

After that, we could clearly define the order of work on the product and structure the order of creation of a new functional, as well as identify key indicators.

The analysis helped us identify the main pain points of the current product:

  1. Unclear structuring of information;

  2. The lack of additional information, where did the information on the site come from;

  3. No mobile version (more than 19% of users came to the resource from mobile devices);

  4. The “Find Connections” tool is not the latest for half of the users.


Next, we begin to create wireframes.

We have chosen several ways to test wireframes, such as:


  1. Heat maps;

  2. First Click;

  3. Card Sorting;

  4. Five-second test, etc.;

  5. Design and release.


After negotiating the wireframes, we went directly to prototyping.

The prototypes were tested on the target group of users, as well as on the stakeholders.

The next step is to analyze the test results and make corrections.


After coordinating the prototypes, we started to create the design and release of updated tools.

After the release, we used the following tools to determine the vector of development and the elimination of current problems:

  1. GA for creating funnels and understanding how the user interacts with systems;

  2. E-mail newsletter to determine the key indicators “Satisfaction”, “Net promoter score”, etc;

  3. Interviewing users selected from e-mail newsletters;

  4. Usability Testing, etc;

  5. Adding pain points to the user's map for further work with these problems;

  6. Creating a design system.


Search connection pages design

At the moment the tool is in development. It allows not only to communicate through the legal addresses or phone numbers of companies but also on the founders, their relatives (if they are recorded on the company). The tool allows you to save parts of the tree, send them and leave comments on the links that are interesting to users.


Other pages design


At this moment, YouControl system is used by more than 72% of all Ukraine banks.

YouScore has won many awards.

The product is translated into several languages and now it helps more than 12% of users to interact with it in English or Russian.

The YouControl provides free access to the system for educational institutions and civil society activists and journalists. 

With this system, more than 5,000 investigations were carried out.

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